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About Laure

About my Reiki journey

My Reiki journey started in 2017 out of curiosity. I had always been interested in alternative and complementary therapies, reflexology, massage to relieve pain and also in the concept of energy flowing all around us with Feng Shui.
I became increasingly keen to explore the possibility of healing with our hands after personally witnessing it. Even though I had not put a name on it, I had linked it to the love and incredible connection a mother and her baby have. After expressing my interest to friends, the word Reiki kept popping into my life.

Receiving my first Reiki treatment was a unique experience that set me on this beautiful journey.

I have never looked back since, always amazed and grateful for the wonderful possibilities of Reiki, thankful for the love and support of my family and friends.

After first learning western Reiki from October 2017, I started my Jikiden Reiki journey in 2019 and completed the Shihan-Kaku training in January 2020 and Shihan training in July 2022.

“In the past two years Laure did a number of distant Reiki sessions for me addressing a wide range of health issues, from minor to very serious ones, both chronic and acute, and each and every session made a big difference. When it was something acute sometimes the symptoms would go away after only one session. With Laure you not only benefit from the amazing power of Reiki but also in difficult moments and when in pain just talking to Laure brings a smile on my face. Recently my immune system got seriously weakened and that led to other health issues. After 15 consecutive daily sessions with Laure I felt much better and my doctor significantly lowered the medication. Words cannot really describe the change Reiki makes in your life, the best is to experience it. And with Laure you can be sure it will be a wonderful and beneficial experience.”

Ongoing Volunteering and Collaboration

Being able to share Reiki in a medical environment felt like an important part of my practice and led me to Volunteer at Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh and for Reiki Medic-Care.

At the beginning of 2020 I had the pleasure to start volunteering at Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh and join the team of complementary therapists as a Reiki practitioner.

To see how Reiki can benefit the patients, bringing a sense of deep calm and peace, giving them more energy when possible or helping alleviate pain, is a wonderful and humbling experience.

“It’s so important to ask for help when you need it too. I was never one for seeking help before. I was the person that helped everybody else. I’ve had to turn that totally around and learn how to ask for and accept help. I’m getting some long-distance Reiki from a therapist called Laure who volunteers for Marie Curie. I think whatever Laure’s doing is helping me and my energy. It’s lovely to still have that connection during this time.”

Volunteering for Reiki Medic-Care

It has been a pleasure and a blessing to be able to help medical professionals during the pandemic by volunteering with Reiki Medic-Care. The research data for the distant-healing treatments given have shown significant reduction of stress, anxiety and pain

Translation for Reiki Conciliation – RTalk

In the summer of 2021 I was kindly offered the opportunity to work for René Vötgli, translating in French some of his captivating and enlightening RTalk for Reiki Conciliation. Amongst them were the translations for "Unravel the Crochet" with Frank

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